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Want higher ESG rankings?

You have come to the right place. Lamarca Services is a game changer for your ESG projects. Based in Brazil, we work with visionary executives and their teams to improve ESG KPIs.

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"Proud for having helped build the initial Organica Water team that won a ticket to 2020 Global CleanTech100 list."


Marcin Hasznos

Director, ESG Projects, Lamarca Services

What Lamarca Services is all about

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find ESG practices that fit my  current workflow?”, you’re in the right place. Lamarca Services is where ESG professionals turn to for proven practices.


Our focus on adding value is why professionals from industries like yours recommend our services to their colleagues, friends, and family members.

"I’ve just sent a message to my husband saying that the interpreter is excellent.”



Forbes Prize Winner

Lamarca team participates in a Forbes business quiz and Marcin receives the prize. 


Brazilian Government Accreditations

​See the list:​

  • Federal Prosecution Service (MPF)

  • Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Brazil (PGR)

  • International Cooperation Unit (SCI)

  • Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Government (AGU)

  • Federal Accounting Court (TCU)

  • Federal Court System (CJF)

  • Ministry of Citizenship

  • Contractor for the Presidency of Brazil

Want actionable ESG practices from us? Then check out the services


With so much competition for customers, investors and talent, executives must implement ESG to grow their brand.

If only it were that easy...

The question is how to leverage ESG investment for brand, business and community development. 


And that´s where Lamarca Services comes in.

Our services will show you the exact practices you need to get higher ESG rankings. All you find here has been deployed and verified.


How Lamarca Services Helps You Get Higher ESG Rankings and More Return

Trending in Brazil

Industries with growing interest in ESG.

Let´s see the list:​

  • Agriculture

  • Natural-resource based industries

  • Life Science

  • Investment portfolio managment

  • Government

  • You?

The ESG Center of  Excellence in Brazil

Founded in 2014, Lamarca Services has one of the most innovative portfolios one can find. It was developed based on 20 years of corporate experience combined with our purpose to assure a better planet for our children.

With that said:

The ESG Center of Excellence has been designed to find the partnerships and insights that will help you deliver more with your ESG disclosures, by building 21st century supply chain, adapting to the changing climate, and improving the ROI on sustainability across your business.

Founder´s Story

Melissa Prado APIC.jpg

Melissa Prado


English - Portuguese - Hungarian 

Director, Business Communication Services

APIC logo.png

Melissa is the co-founder of Lamarca Services with an inspiring life story.

She is most known for being a communication bridge between Brazil and Hungary.


  • Interpreter for the Presidency of Brazil in bilateral meeting held between Brazil and Hungary - 2019

  • Interpreter for the Presidency of Brazil at the World Water Forum - 2018

  • Official translator for Hungary at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics - 2016

What you don´t know is that year after year she has been a Customer Service Award Winner in multinational organizations.

Her outstanding business communication skills match her friendly voice.

“Melissa, are you that interpreter with such a sweet and nice voice? I’ve just sent a message to my husband saying that the interpreter is excellent.”


Government official

Watch her telling one of the most inspiring stories you have ever seen.

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Marcin Hasznos


Fortune500, CleanTech100, Disruptive Technologies

Director, ESG Projects


Marcin is the co-founder of Lamarca Services.


By today´s terms you would call Marcin a global citizen.

He visited and worked across 5 continents and 28 countries. Holding his best memories when he lived and cooked with people form Africa, India, Europe, Americas and the Far-East.

"Marcin has excellent communication skills and an amazing ability to learn new languages/cultures."

Akhil Barar, CEO

Organica Water


Works with Fortune 500 companies and innovative businesses that are revolutionizing sustainability. A key player in developing the early team of Organica Water, featured in 2020 Global Cleantech 100 list.

He lives in Brazil with his family and passes on the lessons he learns along the way.

Watch now his message about Women´s Leadership. It shows numerous inspirational instances packed in Marcin´s life story.

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Lamarca Services

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