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​​Lamarca Services is a company dedicated to simultaneous interpretation, new business development and stakeholder relations in Brazil. 


With the new ESG Center of Excellence, now you can run effective and powerful Sustainability and Social Innovation projects designed to make a difference in agriculture, natural resource-based industries, life science, investment management and government.

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"Marcin helped us to change from a small local company into a global technology player."


István Kenyeres

President, BIOPOLUS Institute

Discover New and Improved ESG Services for Your Business

Now you can optimize for sustainability and social innovation


Sustainable Technologies Portfolio

Create and manage the sustainability of your value chain and achieve higher productivity.



Social Discovery Deep Dive Workshop

Intensive, full-day social project design workshop to leverage your CSR investment for business, brand and community development.



Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Best-in-class interpretation services to reduce your carbon footprint and make your conferences of any size and geographical location accessible to a multilingual audience.

Marcin Hasznos, ESG Projects

About the
ESG Center of Excellence in Brazil

Professional Services designed to find the partnerships and insights that will help you deliver more with your ESG disclosures. Build a 21st century supply chain, adapt to the changing climate and improve the ROI of sustainability across your business.


See What Matters:

Purpose and Branding

Envision, execute and communicate your ESG strategy to reach new customers, attract top talent and investors.


Create a cascade of sustainable practices that flows smoothly throughout the supply chain to improve your profitability.

Community Engagement

Master Social Project Design for brand, business and community development. A beautiful way to build your legacy.

Cultural Diversity

Align your team around meaningful ESG goals.

Radical in-House Innovation

Optimize your current products and harness the power of innovation for long-term growth.


Prospect, present and close backed by strong ESG activity.

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We're happy to answer your questions and discover how you could get to the next-level.

  • Even if... you’ve succeeded with ESG before

  • Even if... you’re new to ESG

  • Even if... you've got new ideas and don't know where to start

  • Even if... you’ve said to yourself “ESG doesn’t work for me”

Lamarca Services

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Phone: +55 38 3083 0392

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