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Deep Dive

The most complete workshop to Social Project Design that generates business return.

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"Marcin is an extremely planned, result oriented, and focused professional."


Akhil Barar

CEO, Organica 


Finally, a workshop that shows you how to turn your social projects into an organizational development engine.

Meet your instructor:

Marcin Hasznos

Hello, I´m Marcin.

25 years ago, when I worked with Mother Teresa in Rome, I did not expect Social Projects to become one of the critical drivers for business.

Today we are in the age of Branding, Legacy and Community Development. Social Projects can be a powerful vecicle to achieve these goals.​

In an instant you will see, a Social Project Design Framework that I recently developed, that can give you the winning edge you were looking for.

But first I´d like to share a personal story.


Slow Start

I was not always at the red carpet of the Presidential Palace of Brazil, neither I could dream of being welcomed by the team of the 10th Best Business School in the World, according to Financial Times, Fundação Dom Cabral.


When I came to Brazil, in 2013, the totality of my Portuguese was:

"Duas cervejas! Por favor!"

(Two beers, Please!)

After 2 years of rejection, due to the lack of references in Brazil, I was down. 


But, on a sunny day a stranger entered my office:


"Good morning, my name is Adriano! I am an artist and I am going to create an EcoFestival. I give you my bicycle if you help me develop a website for my festival."

That is when my ESG journey started.

The Breakthrough

The next thing I noticed Adriano and me are a team.


With nothing more than a concept and a deeply artistic design, we set for an adventure to organize:


 The 1st EcoFestival

- Meio Música, Meio Ambiente - 

Montes Claros - MG


The next thing I noticed Adriano and me are a team.


With nothing more than a concept and a deeply artistic design, we set for an adventure to organize the 1st EcoFestival - Meio Música, Meio Ambiente of Montes Claros. 


The Doors Opened

With no connections we knocked on all doors. And it seemed that both companies and government were thirsty to be part of something so unconventional as an EcoFestival that promoted Crative Economy, Music and Environmental protection at the same time.

Branding Effort

We noticed that our art touched decision makers on a different level. So we just produced more and more.


Let´s Talk


Sicoob Credinor Believed in Us

Notice the bicycle:)

Here is What Happened Next

Companies got so engaged that soon we got the material for our festival´s infrastructure. LafargeHolcim gave us the pallets and transportation.


Watch the Built

We ontracted local workforce form the neighborhood.

Opening of the 1st EcoFestival in Montes Claros

I was crying during the opening. I remembered all the rejections we went through to get here.

But, now it was time for execution! I put my self together and 3 days streight we focused on giving the experience to our audience that was never seen before.

We Engaged the Community

Everything was about learning how nature works, how can we understand it and how to incorporate it into our lives.

Created an Edutainment Event to Rethink What We Came to Do on This Planet

The Results Were, Well... Pretty Insane

Ecofestival cover page.jpg
  • 3 days Edutainment for Kids and Adults

  • Over 7000 participants

  • 8 key-notes

  • 5 Workshops

  • 3 Ecocine sessions

  • 3 days Creative Marketplace

  • 3 days Shows

  • 15 days Photo Exhibition

  • 10 Panel discussions in Public Schools

  • 37 Expositors

Download post event report.

What Was Even More Insane?

3000 visitors in 3 days generated 8 bags of Non-Recycle Waste.


Pallets Were Donated to Family Farmers to Build Fences and Chicken Coops

We designed the whole life-cycle of the event around sustainability. Did we reach our goal? Yes!

"I Wish it Lasted Forever"

Piloto, our help in the construction, gave the best message of all.

If you were not touched until now. You will be.


Adriano and Marcin

But what happened to Adriano´s bicycle?


We used it to go from one meeting to another and it stayed with him.

I got a lot more than a bicycle!


Adriano showed me the importance of creative design.

So I Asked Myself:

"Could This Design Work for You?"

Focusing on business return I developed a unique system.

But I wanted to see if this system can be translated into something tangible and be used by you.

So, I turned my new approach into a step-by-step Social Project Design Workshop.


And I called it:


“Social Discovery Deep Dive”





Deep Dive

Immersive education and consulting sessions into a modern-day Social Project Design.

Introducing S3D

Hit Your CSR targets

We help executives to consistently hit their quarterly CSR targets. We do that by showing their team how to design high ROI social projects.

Big Question

How to design inspiring and #branding-focused #csr project for your #business?

Sessions include Deep Dives into

  • Creative Strategy

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Branding

  • Hot Trends

  • Culture, and more


Part master class and part workshop, the programme is filled with examples, exercises, and conversations in all the areas in which we’re experts.

  • Always Up-To-Date​

  • In Depth Workshop

  • All About Results

  • Works in Any Industry

Discover What is Inside the Workshop​

Here is a preview of what you´ll learn in S3D

So how do you gain massive competitive advantage?

  • You´ll see social projects as an organizational development engine.

  • You’ll be different from your competition because you actually care.

  • You’ll take control of business ROI.

  • You´ll develop your easy-to-use framework

  • You’ll use techniques that engage people and make communities feel valued and special.

  • You’ll learn to position your projects against fierce competition.

  • You´ll WOW your investors

  • You´ll create new carrier opportunities for social intrapreneurship

  • You´ll have tons of content for marketing

  • You´ll be positioned as an employer of choice for top talent and to retain the best employees

1. Social Project Landscape

Maximize outcome for both niche and trending social needs.

How to diagnose community needs and build your project on top of it.

Popular vs Niche1.png



2. Emerging Trends

How to use CSR for organizational development

  • Create or get on trends early

  • Educate customers

  • Break budget silos

  • Develop brand ambassadors

  • Tap in to talent pools​

  • Step up together with competitors to strengthen your industry

  • Drive culture

  • Radical in-house innovation

  • Proactive communication to investors

3. Business ROI

How to connect business goals and generate return for your 3 key focus areas

  • Products & Services

  • Branding & Sales

  • People

4. Art & Mathematics

  • Strategic Partnerships

    • Regional​

    • National

    • International

  • Content Strategy

    • Creativity

    • Analyze content​

    • Repurpose content

5. Social Project Geometry

How to answer CSR demand in a creative and strategic way



  • Investors

  • Talents

  • Customers


  • Employees

  • Business


Execution model

  • Structure

  • Interconnections

  • Process flow

6. Sell Your Ideas

Take Control of the Conversations

How to create transformational offers that will allow you to have the highest impact on every stakeholder.

Build a Winning Value Proposition

  • How to use stakeholder pain to create a value proposition

  • Upgrade your communication to showing, not telling

  • Understanding the Buyer

  • Why People Buy & Why They Don’t Buy

  • How to always know what questions to ask

Prevent, Cure and Handle Objections Masterfully

  • Understand the Value of solving your buyers challenges

  • Strategy for Objection Prevention & Cure

Use TOP-SECRET Phycological Insights to Close the Sale

  • Give case study presentations

  • Face-to-Face Negotiation Tips

  • The Closers Survival Guide

  • Winning closing techniques

Target Audience




Business Benefits


 Customer and community relationships


Branding and

Sales Return


Business Goals to

CSR initiative

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